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Truthful Words…

“The lies are what you have to think, think and think about

The truth is very wise and it just glides right out.”

-Sabrina Adams Onoriode


Children Are…

Children Are...

Actual Cover

“As time passes by, remember
The love you put in your little children’s eyes
You’re planting a seed to hurt you or Make you
proud to smile Just blink your eyes and They’re
all grown up in just a little while do you want
to know what the reality of tomorrow will be
Children Are”
-Sabrina Adams Onoriode

Mama, I Remember…

Mamma I Remember

Actual Cover

“Here’s a gift of our past for you
And maybe it seems old to you
But these are the memories
That made me the amazing part of you

This is where my book ends
And the next part of our lives begin
With all my love for you
Mama I remember

I remember
I remember”

-Sabrina Adams Onoriode

I Am Free…

I Am Free...

Actual Cover

“As I look at you
And you look at me
Do you ever stop to think

How good it is to be free and
How this came to be
Be thankful for this Magical Key
To truly being free”

-Sabrina Adams Onoriode

In Your Childs Eyes, Dad…

In Your Childs Eyes, Dad...

Actual Cover

“Just like a child
Needing a mama’s touch
A child needs a dad so much

Not just a dad that helps to birth them
But a dad with the powerful love
To uplift them

Dads, your true love never dies
In Your Child’s Eyes”

-Sabrina Adams Onoriode